A Grand Prix in London: could it actually happen?

You may have read already this morning that there is, once again, talk of a London Grand Prix. Well, we can tell you we’ve had a sneak peek at the simulation film that is due to be premiered tonight, and it’s very good. You’ll be able to see it too: at 7.30pm right here on TopGear.com.

This a serious project, make no mistake. Santander, who are backing the scheme, have hired architects Populous to plan the track. Populous are all over the event and stadium design from London 2012 to Sochi 2014 via the World Cup in South Africa and the renaissance of Silverstone.

A spokesperson for the London Grand Prix project says “we’ve looked at everything here. Everything. Every lamppost, every tree, every manhole cover…” You get the picture… Though funded by Santander, the project also has credibility with the people that matter: Bernie Ecclestone revealed he’s come close in the past to making an event like this happen and is, this time, prepared to put his money where his mouth is.

So will it happen? Well that’s a whole other question. But one you might like to put to the London Mayor Boris Johnson who, rather conveniently is hosting one of his live twitter “AskBoris” sessions today (#askboris @MayorofLondon, and include us in your question @BBC_TopGear in case he responds).

The track is fast. Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have both driven it on a simulator and confirmed it’s a doozy. The two will race each other ‘live’ on the track at an event in London this evening. We won’t give away all the details, just confirm that every landmark in the West End gets a drive by: the Palace, Eros, Nelson’s Column and The Ritz. And you can see exactly how Populous have strung them all together here at 7.30pm. Make a note in your diary…

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