Alonso snatches pole at soaking Silverstone

Whether it can possibly be worth all the bother, tomorrow’s British Grand Prix will be a cracker whether you’re at/been at/going to Silverstone or keeping the sofa warm for us.

Fernando Alonso starts from pole, Mark Webber second. But we are most interested in who is starting third, Herr Michael Schumacher. Those among us old enough to recall Michael’s First Coming will remember him being more than a little tasty in the wet. And let’s face it, the one thing we should be able to predict by now about this year’s home race is that rain will play its part.

It did again today. There seemed to be less kerfuffle on the roads judging from Twitter although it was once again not plain sailing. 20,000 fans were told to stay away (all of them in the cheap seats, the red carpet for Paddock Club guests was no doubt dry cleaned overnight). Not all of them did, many choosing instead to get up frighteningly early. We do know however many were indeed bounced and we don’t care that Bernie Ecclestone has for once got off Silverstone’s back and suggested there was nothing more Silverstone could have done. It’s unacceptable to turn away the most loyal fans, and one assumes least able to afford entry. Prawn-sandwichism at its very worst.

Tomorrow everyone who has paid will be let in, say Silverstone’s people, bless them. Though we should all (yes, that includes us) plan our trips like a long, tough military campaign. We’ve bought a bigger flask and plenty of chocolate.

It will be worth it. Every time we say Fernando Alonso is in the form of his life, he just gets better. Mark Webber, can we remind you, has pretty much matched Sebastian Vettel this year and leads the chase to Alonso in the championship. Vettel himself starts fourth, quite possibly behind where he should be. Lewis Hamilton starts eighth, most definitely behind where he should be. The top ten looks like this then; Alonso, Webber, Schumacher, Vettel, Massa, Kimi Raikkonen, Maldonado, Hamilton, Hulkenberg and Grosjean.

No Jenson Button there. He starts 18th having been dropped at the first cut after being caught out by yellow flags on a very fast lap. Paul di Resta starts 11th and in a right old grump as he thinks Alonso didn’t pay as much attention as Button did to similar warnings and so excluded Di Resta from Q3. Both Brits have points to prove. Button could just be spectacular. He’s never even seen the podium at Silverstone remember.

To be fair, it was just one of those crazy qualifying sessions, interrupted for over 90 mins in Q2 when the rain made the circuit un-drivable. Luck as much as skill and pace saw you through this one, not that it wasn’t worth watching. We expected statistics to show more opposite lock was applied in today’s one hour of qualifying than in the whole of last season. Wow. Just wow guys.

Crazy-fast racing cars on a crazy-fast circuit and little or no consistency of grip. Like we say, it might just be worth all the bother. See you there. We might even give you some of our tea and chocolate.

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Good to see the gentleman villian, Schuy
drive so well.
but Fernado was faster than him.
Good to see, a fired up Webber drive
so well.

Looking forward, to a great race
still my money on the Iceman.
Alonso, will be difficult to beat
if he gets a good start.

nice to see, the stars on the helmet
to support Maria De Villota.
hope she get, well soon.

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Kimi’s definately one to keep an eye on for this race.. Romain could also do well as we didn’t get to see what he could do in Q3, I’d be surprised if Lewis could live up to the excessive hype the BBC always seems to put on his shoulders but it’d be good to see a clean race. Good luck to Jensen, Lewis and Paul for Great Britain and here’s hoping for a Lotus 1, 2 :D
Good Luck Marussia.. i think it’s fair to say on behalf of the Welsh, our hearts go out to Maria De Villota, gael cyn bo hir yn dda.

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Ferrari International Assisatance strikes again! :)

On another note I checked the forecast for Silverstone tomorrow and it should be dry, a few showers at the most. I fancy Red Bull if it is as Vettel’s set-up seemed to lean towards drier rather than wetter conditions. Mercedes and other teams could be in trouble with their tyres as some had really bad graining problems in FP3.

Lewis Hamilton keeps on hinting that a new contract will be signed with Mclaren soon but the team seems to be getting worse and worse race by race. Their new updates (the first in a while) havn’t exactly blown away the competion á la Red Bull Valencia spec. Constant pit screw ups and bad strategy as well and I really can’t see why Lewis would not move to another team.

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this parlamentaries , so magnificient , they have interest only in today . may be they scare about a troll from 5 level ? je je je
whatever , i cant see the picture ///

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Stop putting Alonso as a cheater. He is the best dirver in the paddock, we all know that, all drivers know that. So please, be humble and don´t blame on Alonso Di Resta´s flaws. Thank you.

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Ferrari is still, the biggest name
in formula one.

only team, with a veto Bernie
Ecclestone would be losed
with Ferrari.

Other teams, needed Ferrari
as well.
being in F1, since the start
only team with that record.

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great quali today. alonso with his first pole for nearly two years webber outdoing vettel again.only problem today was the red sorry but why red flag quali if you dont red flag friday practice with arguably worse weather if the teams wanna bring their cars in then it is their responsibility, not the FIA (ferrari international assistance)

looking good for the race for everybody apart from a certain jenson button and the lotuses after not exactly being spellbounding in Quali.thought hamilton would qualify much higher but these things happen sometimes.

i sometimes genuinely think the ferrari is easily the best car out of the lot of them even though i know they are not but its because of alonso so i reckon a third win of the season and by the end of the year the third world championship of his career

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I love Silverstone. I especially love the chaos. It’s raw. It’s basic. It’s traditional.

Bernie Ecclestone and the rest of the TV guys want all F1 events to be the same, to fit in their neat little scheme and schedule. Silverstone always sticks out. And that’s why it HAS to remain in the race calender! Although, I admit, it would be nice to have a paved parking lot…

Todays performance was spectacular, but I’m a bit disappointed with MSC. Has he lost his touch for rain? Or has the rest of the crowd learned that much from him? I remember that epic fight he had with Damon Hill in Spa, up that mountain after Eau Rouge, in the pouring rain, going on the grass with two wheels. The Schumacher of that time would have made pole five times over today!

And Vettel on 4th? He won his first race in the rain! Can’t understand that either. But Nicky Lauda (co-moderator on RTL) rattled down a long list of people who are good in the rain, so times really have changed, I guess.

Anyway, MSC and VET will be standing next to each other. They are friends, but there are no friends in F1 during a race. Best thing that could happen would be a start behind the safety car…

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First off, I have great respect for Alonso. There’s no luck involved with his performances, just pure skill. However, they shouldn’t have stopped qualifying. The biggest problem to me is that F1 isn’t interested in the opinion of the fans anymore. If it’s a million dollar business today, that’s thanks to us. The least they can do is show some respect for our opinions. As a motor raccing fan, i’m dissapointed. In my opinion, there isn’t even an alterantive. Maybe we should create a new series ourselves…

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It could be worse, we could be watching
Nascar or Indycar.
Alonso, deserved the pole not his
fault that the session being red flaged.

Alonso, do not get credit over here
as he proved he Faster than Hamilton.
British press, does not like that.

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Please, please, please, please be a dry start and have the race descend in to the chaos of rain!

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Mr Alonso on pole at the only race that he won last season. good to see Webbo on the front row, hopefully he can keep the Ferrari honest. If it’s wet then the great man has a chance from his in his merc from third on the grid. Therefore I hope it’s wet. Alonso is pretty handy in the wet though. Massa not so much. Hope Jenson can drive through the field and make up for last season when the wheel decided it didnt want to be on his car anymore! Should be great!

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Ferrari looking much better. Great stuff from Massa! That guy looks like he might start to be getting back to his old form. Schumi, Webber, Alonso too. Good performances. Unfortunate circumstances for Button but hey, it could prove entertaining in the race. Ham was disappointing.

If the race is quite cold, I wonder if Lotus-Ren will be up there considering that their cars work best in hotter conditions. Perhaps it’s who can keep their tyres in the operating window. Best of luck to all, hopefully the race will be a good watch.

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Jenson Button’s bad luck during qualifying could turn out hopefully ( fingers crossed ) at his favor at race day.. he’s very good and quite composed attitude in wet and pouring rain.

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welcome to the synchronised spinning world championship! the sport deserves a name change if the same conditions apply tomorrow.

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