Alonso wins in Germany: post-race discussion

So help us here a bit. Sunday Afternoon Club is spending the day at the Silverstone Classic, so we followed the Grand Prix on TV and Twitter. Follow as many teams and drivers and media and fans as we do and that’s not easy.

But we do know Fernando Alonso won and Jenson Button didn’t, though it looked like he might at one stage and had everyone VERY excited. Is that right? Vettel beat him for second with an extremely lairy move two laps from the end. Seems there is some debate about the legality of that.

So do us all a favour until we catch up with the race and file your thoughts, reports and impressions below and with any luck, we won’t have to. Only kidding. We will be back as soon as we’re back from our little outing and have found the bottle of after sun soother.

And if you did take our advice and make it to The Silverstone Classic, how good was that Group C race just now?

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