Finally, a win for Team GB (if not in London). Lewis takes the Hungarian Grand Prix

For a while there it looked liked the “Balls up of Box Hill” all over again; Plan B replacing Plan A until “no, hang-on, we’ll stick with Plan A”; a track way too narrow to allow any proper shuffling of the pack; and an overwhelming British favourite beaten by a returnee with a controversial past… Almost.

Saturday’s Olympic road race cycling final was, in the end, not to be repeated and ‘Team GB F1’ got its man to the front and kept him there. Lewis Hamilton and McLaren now have five weeks to contemplate the fight of their lives, but to judge by their form this weekend, they are more than up for it: Fernando and Ferrari, you haven’t won this one yet.

It wasn’t the most exciting Grand Prix was it? The Ladies Road Race was possibly the better viewing, what with the rain and Lizzie Armitstead making up for some of Saturday’s disappointment. Once it became clear that Kimi Raikkonen was not even going to catch Lewis, let alone pass him, it was possibly the least compelling race this year.

Michael Schumacher caused the first start to be aborted then promptly appeared to switched off his engine, obliging him to start in the pits only to drive to fast in the pit line, obliging him to make yet another visit… Is it just us, or should he of all people really know better?

When the race did get underway it was good start for both Hamilton and Jenson Button who hung on to pass Sebastian Vettel for third place at the end of the first lap. Quite how he ended up back in sixth at the flag we haven’t quite worked out, but it was interesting to hear the pits to car report a conversation something along the lines of (assertive McLaren voice) “Jenson, switch to Plan B, okay”, (JB) “Really? Are you sure?” (less assertive McLaren voice) “Well not really, what do you think? Shall we just stick with Plan A, then…? Jenson?”.

No wonder Jenson is clearly having some fun, helping to stir up rumours he will join Fernando Alonso at Ferrari next year.

Mind you, McLaren’s domestics were not half as entertaining as Red Bull’s. Sebastian Vettel needed taking down a peg when he came on the radio and demanded his team did something clever to make him less far off the lead. You could hear him stamping his foot in the cockpit. The team responded the only way they could. They told him to drive faster.

Vettel dragged the RB8 home fourth behind Lewis and Kimi and Romain Grosjean in the other Lotus. Lotus boss Eric Boulier must have been pleased with two cars on the podium especially as Hungary marked the moment in Kimi and RoGros’ relationship when the two almost took each other out for the first time. And that’s probably why Kimi is also talking to Ferrari.

Alonso himself had his quietest race of the year, bringing the F2012 home fifth ahead of Button. Rounding off the top ten then were Bruno Senna in his best race this year by a mile, Webber from 11th on then grid, Massa (from seventh) and Rosberg (from 13th). You can see precisely why Ferrari is talking to just about everyone from that result.

A less than sparkling race then, but one that sets up the last nine races of the year perfectly. We’ll be back to talk about that tomorrow, and give our half-term report…

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We got the silver in ladies cycling today TG, get it right
Bout time Hamilton won a race

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Congrats to Lewis, good race! This GP really was boring, somehow, don’t know why exactly, maybe because it’s all down to tactics now with the new tires. Bernie should ask Pirelli to take it back a notch…

The BEST bit was Charly Whiting waving the drivers through after the first failed start attempt. I was laughing so hard. You have all the lights, computers, radios and stuff and everybody stands there until the white haired guy flails his hands in the air! On German television the moderators even thought it was a malfunction of the start-computer… No wonder the drivers stood there for 10, 15 seconds, this problem is so rare, nobody remembered the rules and lights.

Apart from that: sorry for Schumi! The engine stall was bad luck, the speeding in the pit-lane was idiotic for a 7-time world champion. Being lapped must have been hard…

Vettel: Ha-rumpf! There is a difference between “not dominating” and “looking lost on the track”. Red Bull has either lost their will to win or has fallen behind the other teams with the car. The later is more likely, why else would the play around with things they are not supposed to play around with? But the first explanation is backed by frantic radio-calls like “Guys, think of something, try something”. That’s not how Ayrton Senna would have solved this…

One more thing: I STILL hate the new points system!!!

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Indeed, Vettel crying in the teamradio was so unprofessional, like a crybaby.

Next race in Spa, Kimi has a great record there, Lotus is hitting form at the right time.

Alonso might end up winning this championship basically taking the maximum of every race possible, Ferrari wasnt one of the better suited cars for Hungary, compared to Hamilton McLaren but even more so Lotus cars, was a quiet race by Alonso, but he actually extended his lead at the top as Webber had a terrible afternoon by his standards.

BTW, i found it very odd, the sky commentators kept saying after Hamilton won, how he is right back in the mix for the drivers championship, yet not mentioning any word about Kimi for same (talked about Hamilton, Alonso and the 2 Red Bull drivers), when Kimi has 1 point LESS than Hamilton currently.

Of course realistically i dont see Kimi winning it this year, unless they improve significantly and get some wins (desperate for a win and they deserve to win one race at least, Kimi hopefully), but Hill, Herbert and co kept saying how Hamilton is right back in the drivers championship fight with this result. Looking at the table, like i said, Kimi only has 1 point less. Why no mention?

British bias?

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I’ve only been watching F1 since the start of this season, but this was the most boring race by far. Were there even any overtakes among the top ten? I was praying for the pit crews to mess something up to inject some entertainment.

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Bitch please!

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Lewis dominated the whole weekend…up to the actual race, those Lotuses were a real threat! Thankfully Mclaren got Hamilton’s strategy right at the expense possibly of Button’s, but Lewis drove a calm and controlled race, his only mistake the first corner (which could have been costly had others not been fighting amongst themselves). Grojean looked strong in first and second stints, but faded in the third, still a victory for him can’t be too far off and Raikkonen was looking very racy and a real threat, at which point have to mention Vettel and his moaning on the radio here is a guy who is really feeling the pressure now and asking the team to fix his race shows how desparate he was – Redbull not looking quite so comfortabel this weekend. Ferrari lacked pace, but has to be said Alonso did all he had to do finishing in front of Webber, you could tell he was thinking about the long game and not this race. Have to give a shout out to Bruno Senna – best race yet and I hope he gets to keep his seat, really showed up team mate Maldanado who again drove too aggresively, and was punished, but why only the once when he pushed two Force Indias off the track. The guy is dangerous and needs to refine his driving style, had there been barriers on the track would he have done the same? I am a Hamilton fan at heart and have been since long before he entered F1, but have to say it wasn’t the best race of the season and I was pretty anxious till the chequered flag, still good for Lewis and good for Mclaren, hope they can keep it up at Spa, but they do need some major upgrades. Dissapointing race for Sauber and Mercedes – what was Schuey playing at? Suaber just had no pace and didn’t seem to be looking after their tyres as well – Kobayashi pitting on the final lap! Good victory for Lewis, but bad race for overall entertainment

4 weeks till next race! :(

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Glad to see all those naff artificial show-aids (KERS, DRS, daft tyres) really helping to increase the on-track action! No, wait – that’s not what I meant to say, is it?

Really hope that sometime, somone manages to understand that less rules are the way forward, not more. F1 is rapidly dissapearing up it’s own fundamental orifice with investigations, ‘clarifications’ and penalties. I’ve watched every season for 30+ years but am rapidly losing interest.

Race was complete yawn-arama, Kimi might have done better with a full 60kw KERS available and will be one to watch in Spa with their new exhaust thingy to bring them in line with Macca, RedBull and Ferrari. McLaren really need to work things out (isn’t this a theme for the past few years?) – strategy calls are still pretty poor. Whilst not a fan, Alonso has to be a top contender for the title – still with nowhere near the fastest car and he extended his championship lead.

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red bull having another indifferent day at the GP having not been doing well all weekend,hamilton being rather the opposite and kimi in those last 20 laps or so was fantastic.hamilton managed his tyres perfectly, he did what alonso did in germany. alonso did not have a good day with the car so had a extremely quiet day.

@ed you should be glad you didnt watch it in 2010 then,only making one flaming pitstop or last year where the title was absolutely certain by valencia

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I’m sure if Kimi’s KERS was working at full capacity he would have overtaken Hamilton way way back during the race.

Hamilton and his pit crew were sure flawless this time around, Congrats to Lewis on the win.

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You folks seem to have an interesting definition of “tomorrow.”

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Sorry about any glitches, I am doing my comments On a tablet for the first time.

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ok,so here’s how to view the video that i posted. 1.use the link.’ll realise that the interface is set on mobile. change to desktop. for tooned episode 3. on mclaren tooned ep.3. ENJOY!

(ps: i am doing this on a computer.)

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actually, screw what i just told in my last comment, here’s the video:

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It’s been nearly two weeks since we were guaranteed a half-term report “tomorrow”…

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cum on hamilton!!! I want to c another win! :D

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