It’s Button on pole in Spa – with interesting company at the front of the grid…

Right, just a quick note before we dig out our onesie and head out for a triathlon. Triathlons must be the answer, because if anyone in F1 has spent the last five weeks doing the right thing it’s Jenson Button. While others have been on the beach, he’s been on his bike, on his feet and in his swimmers, and has come back in absolutely awesome form.

Qualifying at Spa this year was always going to be something, what with the sheer competitiveness of this year’s cars and Spa, well, just being Spa and all that. And my, did it ever deliver. Losing Michael Schumacher in Q2 has become sadly predictable, but Sebastian Vettel? That left the way clear for what seemed like a battle between the two coolest guys in F1; JB and Kimi Raikkonen.

Kamui Kobayashi and Pastor Maldonado had different ideas, and they start between the Brit and the Iceman which, considering their reputation for, er, ‘competitiveness’ should make tomorrow’s first corner, not to mention the run down to F1’s greatest corner Eau Rouge, something special.

Odd isn’t it? If Kamui screws up we’ll shrug and put it down to his racer’s edge. If Pastor takes anyone out… well, expect to see twitter light up with the hashtag #banthiscrazyvenezuelannow.

Lewis Hamilton starts eighth and eight-tenths of a second off Button’s pace. Word is he opted for a higher downforce set-up to hedge against the return of the rain tomorrow. Let’s hope it is just indeed a local decision and not another trip down a set-up blind alley for McLaren like the one we thought, until today, had eliminated Jenson from the championship battle.

And talking of that, Fernando Alonso starts sixth. His lead is big enough that he can continue to trawl for just-off-podium points and still take the crown. Then again, today’s session was a reminder that the Ferrari remains a less-than-perfect car, slower today than McLaren, Sauber, Williams and Lotus.

The grid starts Button, Kobayashi, Maldonado, Raikkonen, Perez, Alonso, Hamilton, Grosjean, Di Resta and Vettel, but only because team Webber picked up a five-place grid drop.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s start…

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