Indian Grand Prix: post-race discussion

We think we’re right in thinking Lewis Hamilton can still win the world championship if he wins all the last three races and Sebastian Vettel doesn’t score. At all. Lewis would then have six races wins to Seb’s five. Lewis wins.

Jeah! Ain’t going to happen, is it? There is only one world champion this year. It’s the same as last year’s, same as the year before. Fernando Alonso might have driven his patatas bravas off this morning to limit the damage, but second was the best he, and we, could hope for. Seb now leads by 13 points. At this rate the good folks of Austin, Texas will have a new world champion to crown come 18 November.

Red Bull haven’t so much won this one as been gifted it by McLaren, neither of who’s drivers can win now (well, yes, mathematically Lewis, but like we say, “jeah”) and who could possibly be beaten by Ferrari in the constructor’s championship too now, as the re-animated Felipe Massa continues to score points like he did today with a fifth place some 30 secs behind the “A-team” car of Alonso.

The Sunday Afternoon Club remembered to put its clock back and took breakfast with Martin Brundle who was kind of adamant that this was another race in which McLaren has let itself down with the type of tiny technical error it’s made all season long. The cog the team had selected for the gearbox’s seventh slot just wasn’t long enough, so Lewis and JB bounced off the rev limiter along the second half of the back straight while others simply didn’t. Fernando Alonso especially, and especially on the opening lap when he drafted and then drilled Macs in what looked like the move of the season.

After what we’ve thought have been a couple of iffy races for Lewis, he looked like he meant it today at least and chased Mark Webber’s KERSless RB8 all the way to the line for the third podium slot. Jenson Button however had another one of those afternoons in fifth. After this year, we really worry about McLaren in 2013 without a superstar on board.

Top six then; VET, ALO, WEB, HAM, BUT, MAS. After that Kimi Raikkonen dragged the Lotus home seventh, some 45secs down the road and another familiar whine about how getting it wrong in qualifying had cost Lotus a podium. Don’t get us wrong, Kimi’s comeback has been impressive. He is still third in the championship which is astonishing considering he’s a) not driving for Red Bull nor b) Fernando Alonso.

Hulkenberg, Grosjean and Senna filled out the top ten, Senna looking especially racey today. Seems a crying shame that he’s most likely not going to be in that seat next season. Maldonado may be rich and fast, but he’s more clumsy than Senna and proved it again today.

So with the title as good as won, we’re concentrating on little things from now on, like Bruno ending the season with more points than Maldonado — there’s only seven in it now. Let us know what you want to happen in Abu Dhabi, Austin and the Autodromo Carlos Pace. Lewis winning all three excluded.

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It was a race dictated by tactics. Not thrilling more asphalt chess.

Alosonso most impressive – he is the only one who can still defeat V.

Vettel in command.

The best of the newcomers?

Agree that Senna improved big time compared to his first season, but he is not the best by far of the newcomers, that´s somebody else.

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Another well deserved win for Vettel and his RBR team. Great to see Alonso assert himself at the get go to finally take 2nd.

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Alonso keeps saying that he is now even more confident and that he will be the world driver’s champion in 2012, but I just can’t see it happening. Vettel had a 10 second lead of Alonso for the whole race and was just cruising due to the unknown tyre life and dodgy plank. No one knows his flat out pace yet. Vettel is also somewhat of a specialist at Abu Dahbi and Brazil, just like he is at Valencia. I just can’t see how Alonso thinks he will win without a Vettel DNF, which doesn’t seem likely given that he starts in pole and the Alternator is now fixed.

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Alonso was awesome again this race, Ferrari
are Letting down both Massa and Signor Alonso.
need to sort it out, quick as Alonso has made
the Title race interesting this year.

To be fair, Adrain Newey is a genius designer
and has given Vettel three great cars to drive.
Vettel is an oustanding racing driver, but i think
Alonso could have won the driver title in a Red Bull

I still find, in the same car Alonso is a better racing driver
it my opinion and i am sticking to it.

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I think Vettels final lap was plenty proof of his pace, he tried taking fastest lap, did his fastest lap bes he did in every sector and still down on McLaren and Ferrari lap times.

Vettel was too far ahead for Alanso to catch after passing Webber, we are underestimating the Ferrari race pace. Alanso did a superb job displacIng both McLarens and hanging with the best team in the industry, RBR.

I think Vettel is the outright fastest guy on the grid so the fact that Alanso thinks he can take the fight to Vettel tells us something about his confidence in his car, without the right gear you cant compete.

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the world against Vettel, first it was how Hamilton is the best, now Alanso is the best, then its all the car without the car Vettel cant compete. Vettel cant pass, he cant drive, he cant drive in traffic, if he has pressure he cracks, if there is bad weather then its Button. Funny how all everyone does is come out against the guy who is re-writing the history books and outperforming everyone.

I wonder what else they will come up with next season and the season after that? How long before they see the light?

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btw: bravo Alanso, great job. Driving that oh so inferior car that ran faster lap times than both RedBulls during the race. He sure showed Vettel today.

I wonder why the best driver in the universe LEWIS HAMILTON in a faster car than Alanso couldnt win the race or best Alanso? Wonder why this amazing driver cant beat the sucky bad driver Vettel even if Vettel has a car that drives itself.

Mclaren is to be blamed, also blame the tires, yeh they suck, blame the track too and the surface, maybe the flight to India screwed with LEWI HAMILTON, so yes lets blame the flight, jet lag.

hats off to Nico and Senna.

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I really hope Alonso finds a way to win this years championship… I can’t stand the thought of someone as rubbish as Vettel winning 3 in a row; when people look back in the history books it’s going to make Seb look much better than he was.

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/\ ‘f1 fan’ is spot on. /\

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Agreed that Vettel is rubbish. With the results he is getting it is a wonder that Red Bull keep extending his contract. Red Bull should hire quality drivers like Narain Karthikeyan.

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I will be tragic for F1 if a driver like Vettel wins again. He is only up there because of the rocket. In a normal to worse car he would not even be in the top 5….If there is anyone up there watching I hope they can help Alonso who trully deserves it. Oh and by the way, another very very low quality article by this guy..who employed him or her???

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Isn’t that a circular argument.

Vettel is rubbish but his car has updates that work and knows how to set up his car to win, yet, other drivers are good but their cars have updates that do not work and they do not know how to set up their car so they do not win.

Why does Alonso deserve to win? Should he given it just because it has been a while? Or is it because he is in a Ferrari?

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Not always wins the best (GOOGLE TRADUCTOR)

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Interesting how every year Red Bull are being punished for being good. Beginning of every year Red Bull tech is banned and they have to work out something radical to stay on top only to have it banned again. They should rename to series “FIA vs Newey/Red Bull” So much for being “just a drinks company”. Maybe Coke or Pepsi will come into F1 as dominating forces.

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The question I have most races is: Why is it ALWAYS Webber’s car that breaks (except that 1 Valencia). I have lost count at how many times i’ve heard Webber talking about how he had x failure in practice ect. Its often Kers also. Why is it that Vettles kers is fine but Webbers seems to turn itself off every other race?

The 2 things I can see are: Webber is always given inferior equipment…. laughable, or, Webber must use 100% of his kers every lap to try and keep pace with Vettel who maybe doesn’t use it 100% every lap.

As for Vettel being crap? nope hes good, but we should all hold out judgement until we see him in another team. I believe most of his success is due to the car. If you look at it, the rake on that RB is huge compared to all other teams. Im not sure how much of a downforce addition that would be, but its gotta help in those high speed corners where the RB is so strong

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Vettel has a great car, OK, true! BUT he is also a brilliant driver, very fast, very consistent (something that Webber for example is lacking) and a very down to earth guy! He impressed ever since his first F1 season with BMW and then with Toro Rosso, when he won a race and constantly scored points! And this is coming from the COUSIN OF THE STIG!!!!!

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BOB: We did see Vettel competing for Toro Rosso in 2008 and he was very good!!! Honestly? Why do you guys keep saying that Vettel hasn’t impressed, he has!

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I don’t see how so many people can be so euphoric about Hamilton. He’s not exactly delivering on the promise.
@Bob: maybe because Vettel is the #1 driver at RB and thus gets the best bits on his car? It happens, even if no one admits it. If Webber gets angry at the press conference and walks out, I think he has good reason.
I looked at the Lotus dash when there was an onboard. It topped at 310kph, way before the braking zone. There were quite a few with too short gearing. To quote Clarkson: how hard can it be?

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I think it’s a bit of a reach to call Vettel ‘rubbish’ – ‘not exciting’ maybe – the rear-wing double-ish DRS characteristics of the RB call for maximum use of their disproportionate qually pace to let them not be mullered by their straight line speed issue in the race.

I think it’s much more fair to compare Vettel and Alonso to Prost vs Senna but without the hatred. One is quite frankly making his inferior car do impossible things in a season-long display of exceptional commitment and talent, the other is calculating, efficient, reliable and exceptionally accurate.

Vettel isn’t exciting, but he is a superb driver and delivers a metronomic precision and reliability that everyone hailed Kubica for without slagging him off. Alonso is not my favorite driver by any means, but his total and complete dedication and fighting spirit to me suggests that he totally deserves the title this year and the accolade of being one of this generations very finest drivers.

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The problem with Hamilton is his girlfriend. At the end of the year she dumps him and his performance suffers. At the beginning of the year he is more composed and makes less mistakes. Then they go out again and he starts to become cocky and make mistakes. It will be good to see Hamilton in a lesser team to start without the best equipment and really show what he can do. Lets hope that with changing his team he also changes his girlfriend

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What the championship really comes down to is the quickest team verses the fastest team.

The Ferrari is one of the fastest on the straights.

The Red Bull is the quickest aroung the corners.

It all comes down to whether it is better to have a car that has better top speed or a better cornering speed.

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Can’t wait to see these guys at the grand prix melbourne! Rooting fro Red Bull all the way

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