Ahead of Abu Dhabi, who is your driver of the year?

There are two kinds of F1 stories out there right now. The first are awe-struck appreciations of the genius of Adrian Newey, which conclude there will be no beating the Bulls over the next three races. The second are slightly hollow-sounding reports of rallying calls at Ferrari who now have it all to do if they are to win their first title since the Schumacher era. There are, in other words, only two drivers that matter; Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso.

And that must be quite disheartening for the other 20, whether they are the (still mathematically possible would-be-champ) Kimi Raikkonen, the (mathematically, but only mathematically possible) Lewis Hamilton or the never-ever-even-remotely-possible champ Natain Karthikeyan. Which is why the Sunday Afternoon Club is launching its Sunday Driver Ratings this weekend. Less for the drivers, who to be perfectly honest, won’t give a damn, but more for us. Just to keep us interested in Abu Dhabi, Austin and São Paulo.

There’s no system, just marks for effort and/or for entertaining us. A fastest lap for instance doesn’t necessarily score a high grade, but crashing in to the pit wall (it happens, eh Mr Coulthard) similarly doesn’t necessarily merit a low score. We are looking to you, ‘the other 20’, to entertain us.

So as well as are usual reports from Friday practice, Saturday qualifying and the main event on Sunday, we’ll be floating some ideas as to who has caught our imagination. And we ask you to do the same and draw our attention to that in the comments. We’ll take them all on board when the Sunday Driver Ratings Committee meets over a bacon sandwich on Monday morning. Okay? We’re thinking grades as you seemed to like that last time when we filled out our half term reports earlier in the year, but let us know if you’d prefer marks out of ten.

The BBC and Sky are there so no excuses for not joining in. The BBC even have the free practice sessions on the Red Button. Practice is today at 9am and again at 1pm. Qualifying and the race are both on at 1pm over the weekend. See you then… 

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