Vettel takes third title after a thriller in Brazil…

If there was any regret haunting Fernando Alonso after that extraordinary race, you get the feeling it was wrestled with in that long stare into the distance in parc ferme, and despatched with that slow blink of the eyes. As the man said: “When you do something with your heart you have to be proud. I will try again next year.”

‘Nando, second has seldom been such unworthy consolation, but Sebastian Vettel did all, more, than was required of him today to make it three world titles on the trot. You must decide if his name deserves to be written alongside that of Fangio and that of Schumacher, but today he was special, as special as he was in Abu Dhabi.

Before lap one was completed, it looked like it was over for Vettel. Tipped in to a spin, and then clouted heavily by Bruno Senna, he was dead last and driving a damaged car. But Vettel’s like a Weeble in those circumstances, he just bounces back up and is back in contention before you’ve even noticed he wasn’t. But still, at the start of the race, the title was heading Alonso’s way, the Ferrari safely in third behind the McLarens.

The ‘Live Driver’s Championship’ caption would then ebb and flow away from ‘Nando, then back again, and finally back to Seb as an extraordinary race played out in front of them as the rain came, and went, and came again.

Lewis Hamilton looked set to close out his McLaren career with what was going to be an emotional win. But Jenson Button had other ideas as did, more remarkably, Nico Hulkenberg. The German clearly likes Interlagos. Last time he was here driving a Williams, he put it on pole and led. He led again today, two years on from his last visit, and clearly thought he could win again. He hasn’t led a single lap in the time in between. It was a shame an over-ambitious move on Lewis Hamilton effectively eliminated both of them, Lewis taking a ride back to the pits, Hulkenberg taking a detour to the pits for a drive-by. Jenson Button, the Harry Potter of changing surface conditions, was therefore handed an easy win. He won the first race of this extraordinary season too, but only one in between. But there could be no better way for JB to start his career as McLaren number one.

There’s really so much to comment on, not least the last race for the HRT team, for Kamui Kobayashi and Heikki Kovalainen, and of course Michael Schumacher. Right now we’re planning to sit down, draw breath, watch the BBC forum, and plan something for tomorrow. But just one last thought before we go. There was something appropriate about Michael Schumacher being first to congratulate Sebastian Vettel. Out on the track, Schumacher had earlier conceded a place to Vettel, which eased his champion’s margin up from a single point to three.

Yes, Michael Schumacher conceded a place. That’s never happened before. Like we said last week, one era ended today and a new one started.

Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel: the fastest F1 driver on the Top Gear track, and now the youngest triple champion in history.

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For the record, I said that Sebestian Vettel
was a worthy champion in 2012.
but he got, lucky in two of the final three

But luck is, a good thing and Sebestian Vettel
is a world class driver no doubt about that.
My point in, my last blog was Ferrari upgrade
failed to improve the car.

Red Bull upgrades, did improve the car
and Vettel won just.
Alonso was brillant, all season and deserved
all the praise i given him.

Vettel was good, as well but i still maintain
that the Red Bull was faster and a better all
round car so Vettel had an edge.

Do I like Sebestian Vettel, no i do not
do i respect his racing ability Yes.
but I hate, him and hid hair and that
one finger salute when he wins.

Alonso is Mean, Moody and Magificent
driver of a formula one car.
I prefer Alonso, over Vettel you prefer
Vetel over Alonso fair enough.

I stand by, what i said before Ferrari
poor upgrade caused Alonso to lose
the tile to Vettel.

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Come on guys, let keep on arguing till
27th of January when the Boys are back
in Town.
will give us, something to do till then
look forward to your response.

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2013 is almost here, FIA is out to clip RBR wings even though McLaren has the fastest car and they are in cahoots with Ferrari to try and help them win the title. Fernando is at his sly fox mind games as usual in the media and Vettel will outperform them all like he has since he stepped into his first F1 drive.

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Vettel will do well, this year but do not
overlook Mecredes could spoil the party.

Alonso is joint Second Favourite, with JB
but Vettel started Favourite as he in the Red

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McLaren is faster than RBR, Ferrari is not much slower. if Alanso is so superior to Vettel he should be WDC since Vettel cant drive, the car drives itself and Alanso overperform so his awesomness should outperform Vettel and his car that pilots itself.

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Alonso is brillant, and will be there or there about
again this season.

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