Ten stats about the British GP at Silverstone

silverstoneArdent Formula One fans who regularly read The Internet will no doubt be fully aware of many important things; things like ‘for sure’ being a legitimate response to any question, how many times Vettel has raised his Finger of Victory, and so forth.

So it’ll come as no surprise to you then, when we say this weekend’s British Grand Prix has its roots so firmly entrenched in Formula One history, they’re practically the same ruddy tree. Silverstone played host to the first ever round of the first ever Formula One World Championship in 1950.

There are also many more moderately entertaining and perhaps lightly amusing stats and facts about the British Grand Prix, and Silverstone in particular. Which is why, ahead of The Big British Race this weekend, we’ve decided to compile some for you, in the form of a list that starts at the number 1, and ends at number 10.

If you know any other great stats or anecdotes, feel free to post them in the box below. Grossly inaccurate stats will be greatly considered, and possibly laughed at. And highly amusing anecdotes will be emblazoned across the office walls*. Including the time a man invaded the track, and RAN in front some 200mph cars.

*Not really, because we’ll get told off


1. Since 1950, the British GP at Silverstone has been won 16 times by British drivers. The line up reads: Peter Collins (1958), Jim Clark OBE (1963, 1965, 1967), Sir Jackie Stewart OBE (1969, 1971), James Hunt (1977), John Watson (1981), Nigel Mansell OBE (1987, 1991, 1992), Damon Hill OBE (1994), Johnny Herbert (1995), David Coulthard (1999, 2000) and Lewis Hamilton MBE (2008).

2. In 1965, three British drivers were on the Silverstone podium at the finish: Jim Clark was on the top spot, Graham Hill was second, and John Surtees was third.

3. Two years before the formation of the Formula One World Championship, it was Luigi Villoresi in 1948 who won the first ever GP at Silverstone. And talk about a celeb-filled audience: King George VI and Queen Elizabeth were watching.

4. Maggots corner is the fastest bend at Silverstone, with F1 cars hammering around at around 188mph, with a lateral G-force of -4.5.

5. If all the sausages eaten over the Grand Prix weekend were lined up end to end, they would stretch to over a mile; the same length of a lap around the Stowe circuit.

6. The amount of soft drinks sold across the three-day F1 weekend equates to around 2.5m litres – or enough to fill an Olypmic sized swimming pool. No figures on beer consumption, but we’re pretty sure punters would be swimming in that, too.

7. The amount of television cable laid out around Silverstone for the British GP would stretch from Dover to Calais. And back.

8. Fernando Alonso holds the lap record around Silverstone: in 2010, he pumped out a time of 1m 30.874s, with an average speed of 145.01mph.

9. 10,000 litres of tomato ketchup will be used. Most of which will be spilt on shoes.

10. The last British driver to win at Silverstone was our very own Lewis Hamilton, in 2008 (the year he won the world championship). Can he do it again this year?

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