BMW are entering the M4 into DTM…

m4dtmIn the realm of motorsport, BMW’s M3 is a legend. With different versions of Bee-Ems high-performance 3-Series winning over 48 DTM races over the years, it’s the most successful touring car the brand has ever produced.

But unfortunately, that’s how the story ends. Due to a bit of number-shuffling and niche-making, the M3 coupe as we know it is now called the M4. And that’s the car that BMW will be using to take on Audi and Mercedes in the highly-competitive German touring car series next year.

We haven’t even seen the finished version of the road-going M4 – we’ll have to wait for the Frankfurt motor show next month for that ­– but that hasn’t stopped renderer Jon Sibal from seeing what a race-going M4 could look like.

Using the M4 Concept that was unveiled at Pebble beach last weekend as a foundation, Jon grabbed his digital pen and built on it. He’s accentuated the  ‘power dome’ on the bonnet, drawn out the front apron and splitter, added canards, beefed up the front and rear wings so that they’re the size of He-Man’s shoulders and put a nice big, carbon wing on the back as an aerodynamic cherry on top of the cake. As Tony the Tiger would say, doesn’t it look “Gr-rrr-rate”?

As the M4 DTM currently only exists as a figment of the internet’s imagination, there are no details on what’ll be under the M4 DTM’s silhouette. But expect it to be powerful and incredibly light.

We’re only just over halfway through this year’s DTM season, but with news of the M4 DTM, we’re looking forward to next year already. Are you?

Rowan Horncastle

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