Video: Loeb’s goodbye to WRC

Sebastien Loeb has won nine straight WRC titles – that’s nine in a row – so we can forgive him one minor indiscretion in this, his final rally in the WRC. And when we say minor indiscretion, we of course mean spinning off and landing upside down in a ditch. Not very minor, then.

In his home rally, Loeb wanted to give his hometown fans a special something for the unwavering support they have shown him over the years, and to bid them a fond goodbye as he turns his many talents to the WTCC next year.

But the best laid plans and all that. A spot of heavy rain had laden the Sunday morning stage with enough precipitation that we here on TG would mark as ‘WET’. Entering the SS15 section, Loeb lost control of his Citroen DS3 WRC car, and headed roof first for the surrounding shrubbery. This, if you’re unfamiliar with Seb, doesn’t really happen that often.

No screaming. No panicking. No swearing. In fact, nothing but a cool “ça va?” to check his co-driver Daniel Elena was ok as the pair of them tumbled upside down. Both, thankfully, walked out of the car unharmed, and you can watch the video below.

We caught up with him before the weekend claimed the scalp of his DS3 – read the TG interview here. And if you fancy watching the master at his absolute best, click here to watch him tear Pikes Peak a new one in the lightly bonkers Peugeot 208 T16.

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