Watch a WRC driver crash into a field of poo

RallyRally co-driving: how hard can it be? ‘Left a bit… right a bit… don’t crash into that massive field of excrement by the side of the road…’

We jest. Rally navigation is one of the toughest gigs in motorsport (the toughest, of course, being the poor Top Gear employee responsible for Stig’s daily ‘carcass platter’), and sometimes things go wrong. And when things go wrong, you’re liable to end up in a massive field of poo.

As Citroen WRC driver Mikko Hirvonen and his co-driver Jarmo Lehtinen will attest. At the Wales GB rally this weekend, the pair of Finns suffered a… well, let’s call it a ‘reality/pace-note divergence’, leaving the road at speed and ending up in a massive field of poo.

“It was a small mistake from Jarmo,” Hirvonen explained after. “We had a really long, flat, sixth-gear right hand corner which tightens into fifth, but some reason Jarmo never mentioned it tightens. So I just went flat-out in sixth gear and it was a little bit too fast. I had a little bit of a roll, and the car is a bit destroyed at the moment…”

Top Gear would like to point out that rally crashes are a serious business and it does not find this video amusing. Especially not the spluttery oh-no-I’m-covered-in-manure noise from Lehtinen around 15 seconds. Definitely not that bit.

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