Author Profile: Jason Barlow at F1 testing in Jerez as this year’s cars make their debut

Aero? Performance? Efficiency? All key factors as the 2014 Formula One season stirs for the first time at the inaugural test session in Jerez. But with just two hours gone, the emphasis is on one thing and one thing only: reliability.



Bentley returns to the race track

Kris Meeke, Top Gear’s favourite rallyist, showed what mad genius Bentley’s Continental GT could wreak on a gravel stage on the TV show a while back. Now the Crewe bruiser is strutting its stuff as it makes its world debut as a circuit racer in the Gulf 12 Hours endurance event in Abu Dhabi. As unlikely […]


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TG chats to Niki Lauda

There are many great moments in Rush, but although the film is a cocktail of fast racing, faster women, old-school male bravado and general chicanery, Niki Lauda’s fiery crash during the 1976 German Grand Prix puts it all into brutal perspective. It’s the section that anchors the film, the one that elicits audible gasps among […]


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Catching up with old friend Cameron Diaz in Monaco…

Cameron Diaz has just arrived in Monaco from New York, and having spent most of the day on TAG Heuer’s enormo-yacht, she ’fesses straight up to feeling a bit woozy. ‘I can’t even remember my own name,’ she says with a giggle.


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Formula 1 at the 2013 McLaren F1 launch – what did we learn?

Various seasoned F1 observers had a good old poke and prod at the MP4/28 McLaren launched today at its Technology Centre. ‘Hmm’, they murmured authoritatively, and ‘ah, interesting’, while everyone else tried really hard to work out how 2013’s car differed from last year’s fast but erratic charger.


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TG remembers Gilles Villeneuve

The road leading to the entrance of Ferrari’s Fiorano test track is called Viale Gilles Villeneuve. There’s a small statue at the top of it, honouring the man most tifosi regard as the greatest of all Ferrari’s fallen heroes.


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Malaysian GP: Odd times

Two races in and Formula One has lost none of its ability to confuse or surprise.


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Variable testing

Man, but next year’s F1 cars are ugly. I’ve been itching to see one up close since the regulation changes were announced earlier this year, and yesterday, at the first full test of the winter ‘off season’, I got my chance as the new breed broke cover for the first time.


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