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Kris Meeke is back in WRC

Top Gear is delighted to be able to tell you that our favourite rallyist, Kris Meeke, has landed himself a peach of a gig for next year – as a works driver for the Citroen WRC team. He’s the first of Citroen’s 2014 driver line-up to be announced, and – to our minds at least […]


wrc458 at Wales Rally GB

We’re approaching the end of both the Formula One and WRC seasons. In both a chap called Seb has already tied up the world championship. But while the Austin GP in the US of A was another dull processional affair, Wales Rally GB was anything but. The route was a belter, featuring some stages not […]



So, guess who is on pole in America?

Well, as far as Sebastian Vettel poles go that was definitely among the most exciting. Two sectors in to a do-or-lose-out-to-Mark-Webber lap in the very dying moments of Q3, Vettel looked like was, again, going to be beaten by the departing Aussie. But banish any thoughts of Vettel hitting the cruise button in these last […]



Lewis hearts Jacko

Having previously sported an image of Bob Marley on his helmet, Lewis Hamilton has gone one weirder for this weekend’s Austin GP. The Merc man’s lid shall carry a tribute to the moonwalking, baby-dangling King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Ham’s unique helmet design was revealed on his Twitter account. Sadly it isn’t Black or […]



Wales Rally GB preview

As you read this,  some men in North Wales are driving small hatchbacks down dirt tracks as fast as they can possibly go. That’s right, Wales Rally GB is underway. It’s the last round of this year’s World Rally Championship, and in time honoured tradition, it’s already been won by a Frenchman called Seb. However […]


Felipe Massa

Massa: “Things change, and change is important”

If you leave a company after eight years, you’re usually rewarded with a nice trinket of thanks. Convention dictates a carriage clock, or, if you work for Top Gear, a box of coma-inducing sticky donuts. But Ferrari, being Ferrari, did something a little different for their soon-to-be-Williams driver, Felipe Massa.



Fernando Alonso can’t do maths

At this weekend’s Indian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso’s lid will bear the number 1571 emblazoned large. Why? Not because Señor Alonso – noted historical buff though he is – is keen we don’t forget the year of the Great Fire Of Moscow, but because that’s the number of points the Ferrari man has accrued in […]



A young, digital Schumacher laps Imola

Are you yet to pick up your copy of the so-realistic-it-makes-you-angry-as-you-crash-yet-again F1 2013? Is it because you believe modern F1 isn’t as good as the good old days? Well, Codemasters have now released six 1990s F1 cars,  twelve drivers, plus two classic circuits (Imola and Estoril) that were only available as part of the “Classic Edition” […]


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