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Wales Rally GB preview

As you read this,  some men in North Wales are driving small hatchbacks down dirt tracks as fast as they can possibly go. That’s right, Wales Rally GB is underway. It’s the last round of this year’s World Rally Championship, and in time honoured tradition, it’s already been won by a Frenchman called Seb. However […]


Felipe Massa

Massa: “Things change, and change is important”

If you leave a company after eight years, you’re usually rewarded with a nice trinket of thanks. Convention dictates a carriage clock, or, if you work for Top Gear, a box of coma-inducing sticky donuts. But Ferrari, being Ferrari, did something a little different for their soon-to-be-Williams driver, Felipe Massa.



Fernando Alonso can’t do maths

At this weekend’s Indian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso’s lid will bear the number 1571 emblazoned large. Why? Not because Señor Alonso – noted historical buff though he is – is keen we don’t forget the year of the Great Fire Of Moscow, but because that’s the number of points the Ferrari man has accrued in […]



A young, digital Schumacher laps Imola

Are you yet to pick up your copy of the so-realistic-it-makes-you-angry-as-you-crash-yet-again F1 2013? Is it because you believe modern F1 isn’t as good as the good old days? Well, Codemasters have now released six 1990s F1 cars,  twelve drivers, plus two classic circuits (Imola and Estoril) that were only available as part of the “Classic Edition” […]


Retro F1 lead

Gallery: modern F1 cars dress up in retro liveries

A nice way to start the week for those who hold that everything was better in the old days: designer Matt Hillman has sent us over these images of a 2013 McLaren sporting a selection of resolutely old-school dress. Hit the gallery below for relive the likes of  James Hunt’s Hesketh 308B, Nigel Mansell’s Williams […]


V8 Supercars - Bathurst 1000
Bathurst 2013 at Australia’s greatest race: the Bathurst 1000

NOTE: newest content will appear at the top of the page  —— Touring cars’ greatest race — Australia’s Bathurst 1000 — kicks off this weekend, and’s riding shotgun with Andy Priaulx and the XBox One Racing team. We’ll be trackside, engulfed in the madness on the infamous hill and embedded in the XBox garage to […]


Sebastien Loeb: “I have no regrets”

Sebastien Loeb is late. This, if you have followed his remarkable racing career to date, basically never happens. Sebastien Loeb has recorded 78 overall wins, 116 podium finishes, 896 stage wins, 1619 points and a 46.7 per cent win record to make him and his co-driver – Daniel Elena – the most decorated rally partnership […]


WRC video grab

Video: incredible slow-mo rallying

Well this a pretty spectacular way to start the week- it’s slow motion footage taken from Sébastien Ogier and co-driver Julien Ingrassia’s efforts in rounds one to ten of the World Rally Championship. And as you can see, he’s pretty handy. Not terribly surprising considering Ogier’s already won the Junior World Rally Championship in 2008, […]


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