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Lewis takes pole in thriller at Spa

Hats off to Suzi Perry for remembering she was on TV. “Un-flipping-believable…” Quite! Give or take an expletive in there. That was the best qualifying session we’ve seen in ages. Please Bernie, never, ever drop Spa from the schedule.



BMW are entering the M4 into DTM…

In the realm of motorsport, BMW’s M3 is a legend. With different versions of Bee-Ems high-performance 3-Series winning over 48 DTM races over the years, it’s the most successful touring car the brand has ever produced. But unfortunately, that’s how the story ends. Due to a bit of number-shuffling and niche-making, the M3 coupe as […]


F1 half term report: Force India

Checking the points situation just now I was kind of surprised to see just how far behind fourth-placed Lotus the Force India team are in fifth. They may be at the head of the midfield group — and incredibly ahead of McLaren — but they have less than one third of the points Lotus have accumulated […]


Image at the Spa 24hr race

49-year-old German tin-top legend Bernd Schneider came out of retirement again this weekend, for his third 24-hour race this year. And what do you know? For the third time this year he won, hammering his HTP Motorsports GT3 SLS through a lairy 24 hours and an epic battle with the leading Manthey 911 GT3, only […]


Corsica rally at “The Rally of 10,000 Corners”

If you missed our live coverage from one of the most iconic dates in motorsport, then head to the links below for some unrivalled pictures and access from Rally Corsica, 2013


Loeb wins

Sebastien Loeb obliterates Pikes Peak record

When we spoke to Sebastien Loeb before his Pikes Peak run, he hoped to take more than 45 seconds off the previous record. Well today he did, and a lot more than that. He reached the summit in an astonishing time of 8m 13.878s – a minute and a half under the previous record and […]



Pikes Peak 2013: news and pictures from practice day two

That’s it. Practice is over. And we’re quite thankful as it means both us, and the drivers can get some sleep. As Pikes Peak is a public road, practice takes place in the silly, silly hours of the morning. Everyone needs to be on the mountain for 3am and off it for 8.30am so tourists […]


Pikes Peak International Hillclimb

Pikes Peak 2013: Sébastien Loeb speaks ahead of Sunday’s race

Shortly after the fourth and final practice day of the 91st race to the clouds, Sebastien Loeb set another unprecedented time on the top section of the hill. Starting at 12,780ft and finishing at 14,110ft, this final section is a crucial one.  It’s the fastest but also the most restricting for cars, as the air […]


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