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Vettel charges to dominant Monza victory

There is an old section of the banking at Monza that carries with it the echoes of Formula One’s darker days; ever since the tragic fatality of Wolfgang von Trips in the early 60s, Monza has eschewed the high speed banking because of the danger it carries. Bit of a sombre note to begin with, […]



Top Gear meets Christian Horner. Ricciardo: ‘cheaper than Räikkönen’

It’s only right that the Italian GP is blitzed with the kind of scalding heat only thetifosi can summon in their celebrations. Why? Monza is traditionally the climax of the so-called ‘silly season’, the place where facts go to die and gossip and conjecture become lore.


Vettel at Monza as Vettel snatches pole

There was high Italian drama weaved into the opening salvo of the Monza GP during qualifying, as the expected – and the unexpected – both bore out under the searing 30 degree heat at the Autodrome. The expected? Well, despite Red Bull’s continued line that the Italian GP was never their strong suit, Vettel went […]



First pics: Loeb’s Citroen WTCC car

Abandon all hope, ye who enter the 2014 World Touring Car Championship! Citroen has revealed the first pics of its entrant, driven by none other than Sébastien Loeb. Might as well write off next season then, right? After all, this is the man who counts nine world rally championships to his name – making him […]



Hamilton drives classic Merc racer on the ‘Ring

OK, so it’s not a Harley Davidson stoking a fire with its exhaust, or indeed an E46 BMW M3 tearing up a Lebanese hill climb in a death-defying run, but it’s still a cool video, and worth a watch.


Sebastien Loeb

Watch Loeb smash Pikes Peak record

Sebastien Loeb has set an astonishing new record at the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. And when we say ‘set a new record’, we mean torpedoing last year’s 9m 46.181s time to such an extent, Rhys Millen may not even bother turning up next year. Loeb torched through the mountain in just 8m 13.878s.



Ten stats about the British GP at Silverstone

Ardent Formula One fans who regularly read The Internet will no doubt be fully aware of many important things; things like ‘for sure’ being a legitimate response to any question, how many times Vettel has raised his Finger of Victory, and so forth.


Mark Webber

Mark Webber to leave Red Bull

Mark Webber has announced he is to leave Formula One at the end of the 2013 season, to join Porsche’s sportscar team as it returns to the top rank at Le Mans next year.


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