This is what happens at the Goodwood Revivial

Inspired by our recent jaunt to the frankly spectacular Goodwood Members Meeting (basically Britain’s greatest car club), we’ve been sucked into a time-wasting lunch hour reverie, watching footage from the public equivalent: the tweed-heavy, Castrol20W/50 fugged Goodwood Revival. So we’ll be posting a series of random moments leading up to the event itself on 12-14 September, […]



The cars of the Silverstone Classic 2013: 911 Porsche 911s

The Silverstone Classic this weekend is not just about racing, there are parades too. Big ones, like last year’s line up of 60 Ferrari F40s. This year to celebrate its half-century it’s the Porsche 911 centre stage, and the organisers are looking to break all sorts of records with — wait for it — nine […]



The cars of the Silverstone Classic 2013: Brabham-Cosworth BT49c

All this week we are urging you to go to Silverstone this weekend for the Classic — the biggest entry motorsport event of the year anywhere in the world with well over 1000 cars, 24 races with an average grid size of 44.



The cars of the Silverstone Classic 2013: the Ferrari 512

Goodwood withdrawal symptoms? Mourning the passing of another British Grand Prix? Both? Might we humbly suggest rather than facing the cold turkey alone you get to Silverstone this weekend where no less than 1060 legendary cars will race —race — in no less than 24 separate events. It’s the Silverstone Classic, the biggest racing event… […]



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