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Ricciardo wins a thriller in Montreal. Who says modern F1 is boring?

Mercedes headed into the Canadian Grand Prix chasing their sixth consecutive one-two finish, something that no team in Formula One has ever managed to nail. But, despite dominating the 2014 season so far, wise heads like team boss Paddy Lowe knew to temper what looked like favourable odds against the fact that this brilliant street […]


Rosberg wins the Monaco Grand Prix

Well, that wasn’t quite Senna vs Prost, was it? Maybe inevitably what happened off track (and on the radio) this weekend was bound to prove more compelling than what happened on track, but rest assured Hamilton vs Rosberg (BFFs no longer) is going to make this year’s championship a lot more interesting than Vettel vs […]


Rosberg snatches pole in drama-filled Monaco GP

If you don’t have Sky or access to a mate’s Sky, do watch qualifying for tomorrow’s Monaco Grand Prix. Not to see Nico Rosberg take pole — or rather deny Lewis Hamilton a chance at pole (we’ll come to that) — but just to witness this year’s low-grip/monster torque turbo hybrids slide, slip and generally […]



Sir Jack Brabham dies at 88

Imagine a one-man hybrid of Adrian Newey and Michael Schumacher. This was the impact that racing legend Sir Jack Brabham, who has died aged 88, made in Formula One at his peak.



It’s Lewis once again in Barcelona as Mercedes’ domination continues…

It was all there in Nico Rosberg’s thousand-yard stare. The longer he chugged on that little bottle of Highland Spring, the longer he didn’t have to talk to Lewis Hamilton. Rosberg, massively to his credit, has made it plain he hates getting beaten by his old mate, but beaten he was this afternoon and Lewis […]



Lewis on pole once again in Barcelona

Can anyone stop Lewis Hamilton this year? Apparently not Nico Rosberg, who will have to start the Spanish Grand Prix just behind his team-mate after Hamilton bagged his fourth pole in five races in Barcelona in lunchtime, this time to some surprise. Having dominated FP1 and FP2 yesterday, Hamilton was at sea in the final […]



A dominant Lewis makes it three in row in Shanghai

Well, there’s the prologue over and — spoiler alert — I think we know how this is going to end. The next race, Barcelona, marks the start of F1’s European summer season and it’s hard to imagine that, come the autumn, Lewis Hamilton won’t be world champion. As he said on the podium after today’s […]



It’s another pole for Lewis Hamilton in China

Lewis Hamilton looked like he was doing his best this morning to hide the fact he knows he’s already got this one in the bag. This race. And even this championship. Qualifying this morning was wet (again!) but (again) there were no major upsets, certainly nothing to stop der silber-steamroller from cruising to its fourth […]


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