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Williams unveils its 2014 F1 car

So – now we get a real look at 2014 F1 car and more specifically that nose and, like Cyrano turning to face Roxanne for the first time, it’s hard not to be shocked. That is one hell of a conk. Don’t blame the design team at Williams, they are only responding to the rule […]


Force India VJM07

It’s the 2014 Force India F1 car!

So here’s what we’ll be spending Sundays looking at this year. Ladies and gentleman, it’s your first look at a 2014 F1 car: the Force India-Mercedes VJM07.


Kobayashi’s back in F1!

After just one year away Kamui Kobayashi is back in F1.



Bernie Ecclestone to face bribery charges in Germany

Bernie Ecclestone today announced he will formally stand down from his F1 directorial duties while he prepares to face trial in Munich on bribery charges. Ecclestone says he does not intend to abdicate the day-to-day responsibility for F1, which will no doubt be a comfort to a lot of teams as they hurry to complete […]



Formula One: the driver numbers are in

The FIA announced over the weekend the numbers it will lease to this year’s crop of F1 drivers (or rather their marketing people and their licencees) for the balance of their careers in grand prix racing, just like they do in MotoGP and in NASCAR. The rule change makes it easier to wear your favourite […]


1 - Life On The Limit film still

Formula One is back in cinemas with “1:Life On The Limit”

Formula One is back in cinemas this week. ‘1’ (now retitled 1: Life on the Limit) has gone from cult hit inside the F1 community following a private screening at the US GP in 2012 to mainstream hit, topping the box office at iTunes in the USA and winning glowing reviews from ‘serious’ critics. It […]



UPDATE: Michael Schumacher in “stable but critical condition” following second operation

UPDATED: Wednesday 1 January, 4pm  Seven-time F1 champion Michael Schumacher’s condition has improved slightly after a second operation to relieve pressure on his brain. “Michael’s condition has been carefully supervised all the night and has remained stable also this morning,” said Sabine Kehm, Schumacher’s assistant on Wednesday. “For the moment, the good news for today […]



F1: double points for final race of season

F1 rushed out a suite of changes to its rules last night, triggering an online response from its global fanbase that ran something like: “#F1. WTF?”


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