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Vettel storms to dominant win in Canada

Keeping an eye on Twitter, seems a lot of you reckon that wasn’t much of a show for a Sunday night in. Really? I’ll give you that all-too familiar Red Bull/Vettel MO might suggest title number four is now just a formality, but I reckon we had some racing this afternoon.


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Honda returns to F1 with McLaren

So McLaren have opted for the ‘let’s put the band back together’ route out of its current malaise with confirmation that, from 2015 onwards, it will once again be McLaren-Honda. It’s not been any secret that Honda, irresistibly drawn to the new 1.6-litre turbo engine formula due next season, were looking for a return to […]


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It’s a final farewell to Michael Schumacher

Eras in grand prix racing are demarked by an individual driver’s dominance, described by that champion’s look, that champion’s style. So as the fifties belonged to Fangio, so the sixties did to Jim Clark. Split the 1970s down the middle and give half to Emerson Fittipaldi, half to Niki Lauda and the eighties; well you’re […]


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Lewis Hamilton wins the Austin GP

So – is there anyone out there this morning not playing a game of ‘what ifs’? What if Lewis Hamilton had not broken down in Singapore and in Abu Dhabi? What if Lewis did not have to start from the back of the grid in Spain? What if there had not had been all those […]


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Korean Grand Prix: latest from practice as Vettel goes fastest

Two men to keep an eye on this weekend, two men who plan to rain on Sebastian Vettel’s hat trick parade: Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso.


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Formula One: the return of Robert Kubica

If you had any doubt Lewis Hamilton is on the verge of ending his lifelong relationship with McLaren, you only needed to look at the pictures of the team’s post race celebrations after Hamilton’s mighty win in Monza. Notice anyone missing? Yeah, the winner, Lewis Hamilton.


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Alex Zanardi wins Paralympic Gold

Alex Zanardi is not a man who quits. This former Formula 1 and Champ Car driver-turned paralympian is testament to the kind of rugged determination we celebrate here on Top Gear. And guess what? He’s just won a gold medal.


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Formula One 2012 half-term report: Toro Rosso and Force India

Yesterday was the turn of the “Q1 massive” — Caterham, Marussia and HRT, bless em. Two of them got an A for effort; it’s hard not to be impressed with their doggedness and, in the case of HRT and Marussia, the raw fact that they are making their cars faster. Relatively of course.


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